Manchester Axolotls
I had not cleaned their tubs for nearly a week due to having work and sleep so they were very very dirty with poo and some algie growing on the tubs, but surprisingly they all seemed happy, unlike the official axolotl website saying that water must be clean at all times etc... just goes to show everyone does things different and just like fish they can survive quite happily.

I have just done a clean of all the tubs and they now have loads of sparking new homes and water. Have just fed them and here are the latest pics and vids taken in last few minutes of all 15 cuties.
Raising Axolotls from Eggs - Images
Remember Axolotls are NOT fish so do not treat them like one
Is it a Fish? NO,   Is it a Reptile? NO,   Is it a Tadpole? NO......What is it?, It's an Axolotl
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